Art TakeAway-Starter Menu

S1. The Thin Places..........Sarah Whitfield
Pledge 1: Stitching personal effects into a quilt.
The ‘customer’ asks six people to give to them any small broken
object they have in their possession. Once they have these objects,
they are asked to sew them to six quilt patches, in order to create a
miniature museum of brokeness.
Sarah Whitfield is a performance artist who uses mending and sewing s part of her practice.

 S2. Fridge Magnets...................Alban Low & SmartWalks
Pledge 2: Tweet SmartWalks Artists.
The ‘buyer’ is to tweet ‘SmartWalks’ artists and engage in tweetbanter.
Smartwalkers will then select one of these tweets to be
featured in their next ‘re-street’ exhibition. A selected tweet will
then be converted into a magnet which will then journey nationally
and internationally.

S3. San Paolo................. Marion Bösen &      Claudia Medeiros Cardoso
Pledge 3: To create a story or song from the text on the poster.
San Paolo- to make up a story or song with all the words that are
shown on the poster.
This poster was printed, by the artists, after living in San Poalo.
The sayings are experiences that they had or picked up on their
visit. Limited edition 1/180

S4. UrbanSnippets...Janet Curley Cannon
Pledge 4: Abstract iSpy.
To engage others in the game of ‘abstract Eye Spy’ by observing
three intangibles.
For example “I spy with my little eye something beginning with the
letter ‘I’ could include Insanity, Intelligence, and Interesting.
The images of this piece were taken on a walk from Oxford Train station to Cowley and back again. A visual treasure hunt…