This is how it works…
You as ‘The Customer’ chose an art-dish from the menu and as ‘payment’ provide your home as the venue .
Who you invite and what you want to offer is up to you.
Once you have chosen let us at ‘The Home Delivery’ know. To provide customer satisfaction please email us your first and second choice of artists from the menu as well as your preferred dates at

We will then work with you to provide the artist delivered to you on the days in question.
ArtWash are ‘the home derlivery service’ and will be present during this period to ensure artist’s and customer’s satisfaction.

We are looking forward to taking your Order!

Dish One

Katy & Rebecca Beinart- Borscht and Black Bread


Katy & Rebecca are offering Borscht & Black bread as well as conversation .
As artists and sisters they have been working on a project called ‘Origination’ for the past year and a half, which explores genealogies, migrations and environments. They are interested in looking at cultural appropriation and how we carry memory through generations and migrations.