All change-

You are invited to join us for our ArtWash special ‘The wash club’

in ‘The Brickworks Pub in the Basement’ on the Cowley Road.

ArtWash is an inter-art social occasion.

We aim to support artists to show work in unconventional spaces.

This month we have invited Jim Noble– an Oxford based artist.

Jim works in different Media from web design, film making to printmaking.

In 2002 Jim Noble and Scott Kiehl travelled to Ghana where they were invited to be witness to what they will share with us on the 20 November between 8-9pm.

*In search of the rhythm of the Brekete drum, the film-makers were granted unprecedented access to the annual turning of the year festival (fetatotro)of Sofor Anani Gatsi (spiritual leader of the order of Kunde).

Music, dance, ritual and the resulting spirit possession of the participating initiates is allowed to speak for itself in this startling documentary. Avoiding the temptations of explanation or interpretation, the film puts the viewer firmly at the centre of an extraordinary experience.

This film comes with a warning- some might find this uncomfortable viewing.

As we have just celebrated our winter ritual all souls- or Halloween to some- it only makes sense that we can witness other cultures doing the same-

or are they?

The film-makers will be present to answer any question on the subject after the viewing.

Hope you can join us,

The ArtWashers

*text by Jim Noble