Home Delivery Service

was the follow-on event from The Art Take Out’. 
The Art Take Out’ was an art event that took place in a Chinese Take-Out.
For the Home Delivery Service  5 different art events were delivered to 5 different domestic venues over 5 evenings.
See below for more info.

Absent Friends by Eleanor Greenhalgh

Eleanor Greenhaigh-Absent Friends

Eleanor Greenhalgh will be an absent friend who will attempt to join the party remotely. Their guests will arrive for dinner and share a meal. There will be one empty place set at the table (mine) where the phone will sit.
Technology allows us to be socially present even if we are not physically present.
Every time we answer the phone, we invite someone into our space.

Board Games by Cally Trench

Cally Trench-Board games


Cally Trench is offering Board games designed by herself.
Each game can be played by up to four players, and a single game lasts around five minutes. Players can learn the (simple) rules very quickly. A tournament could be set up.

Uncertainty Principle by Rachel Gomme

Rachel Gomme-Sly Fox

Rachel Gomme offers you Sly Fox.
This is a solo performance that questions our perceptions and our understanding of reality. It celebrates the power of the imagination, articulating the fine line between passive reception and active creation in the vital involvement of the audience in performance.
Thus I hope to offer the host and their guests a new view of a familiar place, an experience of their home in a parallel dimension.

Black Bread & Borscht by Katie & Rebecca Beinart

Katy & Rebecca Beinart- Borscht and Black Bread


Katy & Rebecca are offering Borscht & Black bread as well as conversation .
As artists and sisters they have been working on a project called ‘Origination’ for the past year and a half, which explores genealogies, migrations and environments. They are interested in looking at cultural appropriation and how we carry memory through generations and migrations.

TV Dinner by Alice Ladenburg

Alice Ladenburg-T.V Dinner

Alice Ladenburg- A night in front of the telly with a difference. There will be no X-factor or Eastenders on the box tonight. Rather than considering a masterpiece, watch the artist in the comfort of her own home, behind closed doors and doing nothing more creative than eating pizza. So eat with her, drink, discuss, and be merry.