Open call for the Art Take-Away curated by ArtWash.
ArtWash is excited to be supported by the Oxford Playhouse Theatre on its new & improved production of the Art-TakeAway.
In 2009 ArtWash held a similar event, which was such a success that we have been invited to offer a new menu of art…
The idea behind the Art-TakeAway is one of seeing art as sustenance whilst at the same time questioning our overall attitude towards the immediacy of food as well as art and it’s consumption.
Open call for an Art- TakeAway.                                                                                                                         The work can be anything from a poem to a mini sculpture, as long as it fits inside a take-out container. (Dimensions 18cm x 10cm x 4.5cm)
Artists who are interested can send their outlines to ArtWash –                                           The Deadline for proposals is 18th April 2012.                                                                                                     The Deadline for final entries is 30th April 2012.
The Art-TakeAway and how it works-
On 12th of June a working Chinese Take-out will be the venue for our Art Take away.
Prior to the event ArtWash will package the work that has been entered, into tinfoil trays.
ArtWash will photograph the work and compile a Chinese stile menu that will be uploaded to the web as well as displayed in the venue in the week leading up to the evening event.
On the evening of the event the venue will feel very much like a food Take-out.
*15 artists contribute an original piece of artwork that will be in a Take-out Tinfoil container.                                                                                                                                                *This art is ‘for sale’ using the currency of a pledge.                                                                              *The pledges will be set by the Artist in extension or response to their work and will need to be fulfilled on the night.     (ArtWash will set the pledge, if the artist prefers)                                             *’The customer’ can bid for the art they would like by fulfilling the pledge and completing the art exchange.                                                                                                                                                *The evening will be curated/ MC’d by ArtWash..  
Those who don’t wish to fulfil a pledge are present as supporting Audience
Sadly ArtWash is unable to offer a fee for the work entered. We will however cover P&P and offer exposure through  as well as publicity through the Oxford Playhouse Theatre collaboration.
This is a one-off evening event with a 7-day exhibition in the Take-Away venue prior to the event.
About ArtWash-                                                                                                                            We are ‘Space-Jackers’ who started by showing work in a working Launderette in 2003. After over 60 events in this space we moved on to appropriate different everyday spaces that have a particular visual and architectural language, such as ‘Chinese take-out’ for example.

Looking forward to hearing from you-
Your ArtWash Team