Social Spaces 2010-2011

On the 28th October 2010 ArtWash was invited to the Oxtalk AGM.
By this time ArtWash had been working with various aspects of the Oxtalk organisation and presented a short film based on our view of things so far.
Our approach was to focus on what we have in common rather than on the differences.
... our power of imagination.

We are aware, that we didn't 'walk' the well trodden path of just documenting what was in front of us,
and grateful for the openness within our collaboration.
We are looking forward to working on an exhibition together in April 2011

After our great experience with OXtalk, ArtWash is now collaborating with the Association for the Blind. We are very much looking forward to meeting with VISNO (visually Impaired but not old) this week and hope to explore new territories together....

in 2010 we became intrigued by social- as well as architectural spaces.
This led us to working with Oxtalk.A newspaper for the visually impaired.