Pledge- The Info.

Before we get cracking with the wild and wonderful menu,
here's some more information on how customers can acquire work from the menu...

No money will change hands!
Pledges given by each artist will be the 'currency' for the evening.

Each artist gave us a pledge, that they would like you- as the customer,
to fulfil before you can call the work your own.

Now- the pledges vary greatly.
Some are like party games we know, others are a simple question to be asked or action to be made.
And then there are the kind of pledge that need a little time.

All the Artist who have entered work have been very generous.
To be fair ArtWash will function as a point of call between the artist and the customer.

For the pledges that need a little longer to fulfill, the Customer will receive the pledge in a take-out box on the night.

Once this pledge has been fulfilled- ideally with some documentation that ArtWash can put on the blog-
ArtWash will then arrange with the customer to 'handover' the actual artwork.

It all sounds more complicated than it actually will be- Promise!
And it will all make sense on the night!

2nd June '09 at 7-10pm
Tsangs' Kitchen
Iffley Road
East Oxford

Don't forget!

Looking forward to it already.
The ArtWashers.