June 2008

Graham Lister
is a site specific show of paintings of people waiting on their ‘cycles’ to end in their local laundrette. The works are based around the type of wash each sitter is waiting for. The titles refer to my impression of the specifics of each wash; in terms of colour, content and spin cycle. The photocopies, titles, colours and symbols combine to create overall tongue-in-cheek abstracted painted outcomes, focused on the notion of ‘waiting on the washing’.

Scottish artist, Graham Lister has created WAITING ON THE WASHING especially for ‘Artwash’ in Oxford. His recent works have been focused around the idea of creating painted outcomes from simplified, photocopies of original photographs. His art practice combines copies of real images with overstated, bold colours and symbols.

Graham Lister has had considerable success as a young contemporary artist. He received a Masters degree in Art History from Glasgow University in 2005 and a Masters in Fine Art from Gray’s School of Art in 2007. Since then he has been nominated for the Mercury Art Prize, has had solo shows in London and Glasgow. His photocopy paintings have also been shown in group shows in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Birmingham and in Toronto. He is currently artist-in-residence for North Lanarkshire and has numerous upcoming solo projects across the UK.