April 2008

Fiona Robyn-Poetry
Fiona is a writer and blogger interested in finding wonder through paying attention to the everyday and to the ordinary. She is influenced by Zen thinking, voluntary simplicity, and other writers (Raymond Carver, Annie Dillard, Mary Oliver, Natalie Goldberg etc. etc. etc.) She writes novels, poetry and miscellany.

The evening at ArtWash will begin with Fiona reading poetry from her first collection, Living Things. This will be followed by a 'group reading' (participation welcome) from Small Stones, Fiona’s daily blog, of short texts concerning small scale overlooked observations. The evening rounds off with a discussion, which may cover any of the following areas, writing, discipline in consistently writing, blogging, publishing online and in book form and anything else that comes up. Bring a cushion or stool if you feel like sitting.

You can find Fiona’s work at at www.fionarobyn.com and her blog is at www.asmallstone.com
Hope to see you on the 20th